Published on 17th April 2024

We understand here at Birnbeck that there are many self-employed foragers throughout the UK who are now facilitating foraging walks and groups and who may also now be offering training to others to become foragers.

In addition to leading foraging walks and groups you may also have campfires for the groups to cook the foraged foods on to share as a group and enhance the experience for the participants – we can include this at no extra cost.

Our standard policy will also automatically include the sales of foraged produce to food shops and restaurants.

Birnbeck’s policy wording has recently been enhanced to include cover for bodily injury to third parties consequential to advice given.

If you intend to also offer coastline foraging (from the land and not on the water), this can be incorporated for an extra cost.

Discounts are available for member of the Association of Foragers.

We can offer different limits of public and products liability insurance. Normally we include £2,000,000 or £5,000,000 limits. A £10,000,000 limit can be provided if required.

Alongside public liability cover we can offer quotes for the following types of cover: