Published on 19th March 2019

What do you need to do now?
If you are not planning on driving in the EU in the near future, there is nothing to do. However, if they are outside of the UK on (or around) the 29th March, you will need to contact us or your insurer giving sufficient notice before your departure to ensure a Green Card can be issued in time.
If Britain leaves the EU, without a deal in place, it will be a legal requirement to carry a Green Card if driving in any EU country or Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Serbia and Andorra.
What is a Green Card?
The Green Card has information about your vehicle such as its licence plate number and demonstrates that you have the necessary minimum motor insurance cover in place to be on the road. Drivers have to physically carry the Green Card (printed on green paper) with them.
A separate Green Card will be required for all trailers, but please be aware that all commercial trailers of 750kg or over and any trailer of 3500kg or over, must be individually registered if being used outside of the UK. Please let us know the details of all trailers being used outside the UK

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Many UK businesses are having to stockpile to prepare for potential post-Brexit shortages. Please check that your policy sums insured are adequate as insurers apply a condition called Average to business insurance policies. This means that in the event of a claim if there is under insurance (not insuring for the full value at risk) insurers will reduce the amount of any claim settlement in the same proportion as the sum insured bears to the total value at risk.

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Published on 11th December 2018

We are delighted to announce that Simon Gundry-White has joined Birnbeck. Simon has been working in insurance for over 18 years  and joins us as an insurance consultant.

He brings a wealth of experience in motor, home and travel insurance and will also be assisting clients with landlords insurance.

Simon can be contacted on 01934 522252 or

Published on 21st November 2018

Ask yourself what part of your business is not reliant on digital systems? If a cyber attack meant that all parts of your business that use digital systems could not function what could you do? Not much will be the answer for most businesses.

Cyber insurance is there to keep businesses trading in a world where digital systems dominate.

What does cyber insurance actually cover?

  • Hackers stealing data or locking your systems and demanding a ransom to release it.
  • It covers against fines and penalties that businesses will incur if they are assessed as non compliant on data protection or privacy.
  • It covers against viruses that paralyse systems and covers loss of income while they are being restored.
  • Cover against the accidental loss of data – followed by legal action by customers.
  • Most importantly it provides an incident support service by cyber experts to identify the extent of the problem and the most effective solution.

Please contact Stuart or Lorna to obtain a quote or discuss further on 01934 522252.

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Many nurseries are now including Forest School sessions as part of their offer. This can prove problematic with many nursery policies including restrictive conditions and exclusions relating to delivery of Forest School sessions. Birnbeck has considerable expertise in providing insurance for Forest School and Outdoor Learning Practitioners and we can arrange suitable and competitive insurance for nurseries.


Birnbeck can assist nurseries in obtaining cover for forest schools including the use of fires and sharps to give you peace of mind that you are insured correctly.


Please contact Tracey or Lorna to obtain a quote or to discuss further on 01934 522252

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Inaccurate building sums insured is a big problem for homeowners, landlords and commercial property owners.

Every week in the U.K. property owners suffer the consequences of failing to insure their property for the correct rebuild cost.

In some cases this can lead to businesses and homeowners suffering significant uninsured losses totalling many thousands of pounds.

On the flip side some policyholders are over insured and paying too much for their building insurance cover.

Birnbeck and other members of The Purple Partnership have teamed up with Rebuild Cost Assessment to provide a cost effective solution for this problem.

Traditionally rebuild cost assessments were performed by site visits and can be costly.

Due to technological advancements and the widespread data now available the accuracy of remote assessments has improved tremendously. This backed up by an experienced team of assessors means that a reliable and insurance industry trusted assessment of rebuild cases can be produced.

In some cases such as complex or unusual buildings a desktop assessment may not be suitable. In this scenario a quotation for a site assessment will be offered instead.

Please contact us on 01934 522252 for further details

Published on 6th September 2018

Credit insurance safeguards your business against the failure of your customer to pay their trade credit debts. Upon one of your buyers becoming insolvent an insurance policy can pay up to 90% of the debt due to you.

An insurance policy can also offer a useful credit information service due the data customers can access via a specialist insurer’s online information system.

Without credit insurance 76% of time once a debtor goes into liquidation you will unable to recover any amounts owed.

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If you are looking to buy a new car this month be wary of buying GAP Insurance via the dealer as they often sell it to you by using pushy sales tactics at an inflated price.

We have been providing GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance to our clients for many years and offer a market leading product at competitive prices.

Gap insurance covers the difference between the amount you paid for your car and the amount an insurance company would give you if it was written off or stolen. It can be useful to have as new cars can lose their value very quickly.

Please call Richard or Debbie today to discuss on 01934 522252.

Published on 22nd May 2018

It’s that time of year as the weather improves that businesses in this sector move into  full throttle. Care needs to be taken to make sure that you have the correct cover in place at this busy time.

We provide competitive cover for landscaping trades including:

  • Landscaping, Design & General Maintenance
  • Grass cutting
  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree surgery – lopping and felling
  • Turfing
  • Weeding and clearance
  • Paving
  • Fencing

Our policies can be tailored to suit your needs including public liability insurance up to £10 million, employers liability, own plant and tools, hired in plant and professional indemnity cover.

Call Stuart or Lorna on 01934 522252 to discuss your requirements.

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The guidance is that all Forest School leaders should retain records of participants for at least 6 years, whether a participant attended for one session or on numerous occasions. This is due to the fact that the legal system allows a potential claimant to make a claim 3 years after the date of discovery of an injury (whether it is a valid claim or not).

In the event of a claim  insurers need all the participant’s details, records, risk assessments, etc in order to help defend you. The other aspect to also consider is that the HMRC require you to hold all financial accounts for 6 to7 years.

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