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Birnbeck Insurance Brokers – celebrating 50 years of trusted insurance guidance!

We are this month celebrating a milestone anniversary of 50 years, having been established in 1974.

Located in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset we specialise in Commercial, Motor, Personal and Outdoor Education insurances – tailoring cover for businesses and individuals.

Independent insurance brokers still have a big part to play in the insurance world as they can provide the personal touch – something lost online or with national corporate brokers.

Managing Director Stuart Rose, together with co-Director Ben Fox and the team are proud that many of their clients have been with them for a considerable number of years and look forward to working with old and new customers for many more years to come.

Whether it’s protecting your business or family, Birnbeck are there to provide expert advice so feel free to give us a call, drop us a line or visit us in our office.

We’d love to hear from you.

Call us on 01934 522 252 or email

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Birnbeck is recruiting – Any commercial insurance consultants looking for a change?

We are looking to recruit a commercial account executive/ commercial insurance consultant due to growth achieved over the last few years.

We are looking for a candidate with at least 2 years commercial insurance experience. Commercial account handlers looking to change roles will also be considered.

This role may appeal to persons looking to perform the role without sales targets (we don’t have them). Also to those who want to have the professional freedom to place business with the right insurer, rather than the insurer head office tells you to use.

There may be a need to assist with an outdoor education insurance scheme we handle at the busiest time of year.

Candidates should contact Stuart Rose on 01934 522252 or

New insurance facility for Microgreen Growers!

We have set up an insurance facility designed to meet the needs of the developing community of Microgreen Growers.

Our policies can include the following types of cover:

Public and Products liability – £2 million, £5 million or £10 million cover limits are available.
Employers’ Liability
Contents Insurance but excluding growing stock
Personal Accident Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our policies allow you to sell your produce from various locations in the U.K such as High Street or Farmers’ Markets.

To discuss your insurance requirements please feel free to contact us on 01934 522252 or Alternatively you can submit an enquiry via our Microgreen Growers website page.

What to look for with Land Liability Insurance Cover

Plots of land come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of intended uses. Care needs to be taken that the legal liability of the landowner is protected correctly in case they are drawn into any claims involving a land user or visitors.

Some points to consider:

The size of the piece of land you want to insure and if it has any significant features will also influence the premium

Access rights
The more people who can access your land, the higher your premium is likely to be. You’ll need to tell your insurer if there are any public rights of access on the land as that can increase the risk. And if you employ people to work on the land you’ll need to have employer’s liability insurance by law.

The presence of structures, including derelict buildings, or waterways, which can increase the level of any potential claim. For example, a member of the public can cause themselves a greater injury if a roofing slate falls on their head compared to if your land is just open pasture.

Special materials or listed status of structures
If you are insuring listed buildings, such as a barn, as part of your land insurance this can increase your premium. That’s because the cost of repairing or rebuilding it is likely to be higher than a standard construction barn.

It is best to speak to an insurance professional who is employed to work on your behalf rather than leave it to chance whether or not you have the correct level of cover you need for your requirements.

Please contact us on 01934 522252 if you would like to discuss further.

Insurance for metalworkers with a spark

We have access to an exclusive facility for the metalwork sector which offers market leading cover at competitive premiums. We have considerable experience in arranging insurance for clients working in this sector built up over a number of years.

Included amongst the activities that we can insure are steel fabricators, sheet metal work, CNC milling, CNC lathes and precision engineering. Site work including hot works can be accommodated. Work with structural steelwork or jobs at hazardous locations can also be included subject to full details.

Please contact Stuart or Ben on 01934 522252 should you require further information.

Specialist Cover for Home Automation Contractors

We have access to a Home Automation and Smart Home Installers Insurance scheme, which is specifically tailored to the needs of Home Automation contractors. It is a bespoke policy suited to the risks of working in the sector and includes a number of benefits.
Our Public and Products Liability cover can include the following covers at competitive premiums:

• Contractual Liability
• Inefficacy
• Defective Workmanship
• Optional extension available for damage to the part being worked upon

In addition we can include cover for a number of other requirements such as employers’ liability, professional indemnity and property insurance.

If you need any help with this area of insurance then please contact Stuart to discuss on 01934 522252.

Grand Designs for your Home? Consider Home Works Insurance

When notifying your current household insurer of a significant home renovation, particularly where insurance cover is required by contract, homeowners can frequently find themselves faced with numerous difficulties.

Standard household insurers are often unable to continue covering the property effectively, or at all. They do not have the appetite to continue insuring what is effectively a building site, and all the inherent risk that brings.

A standard household insurer may provide cover for the existing house but this is usually on a highly restricted basis. This puts the homeowner at risk of not having adequate cover in place for their property and may even invalidate the policy if a JCT contract requires cover in joint names with the contractor.

Birnbeck can offer Home Works and Home Renovation policies, which provide a single, seamless solution that can cover the existing structure, contract works, contents and property owner’s liability all under one policy.

If you need any help with this area of insurance then please contact us to discuss on 01934 522252.

Green Cards

What do you need to do now?
If you are not planning on driving in the EU in the near future, there is nothing to do. However, if they are outside of the UK on (or around) the 29th March, you will need to contact us or your insurer giving sufficient notice before your departure to ensure a Green Card can be issued in time.
If Britain leaves the EU, without a deal in place, it will be a legal requirement to carry a Green Card if driving in any EU country or Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Serbia and Andorra.
What is a Green Card?
The Green Card has information about your vehicle such as its licence plate number and demonstrates that you have the necessary minimum motor insurance cover in place to be on the road. Drivers have to physically carry the Green Card (printed on green paper) with them.
A separate Green Card will be required for all trailers, but please be aware that all commercial trailers of 750kg or over and any trailer of 3500kg or over, must be individually registered if being used outside of the UK. Please let us know the details of all trailers being used outside the UK

Please contact us to discuss further on 01934 522252.

Simon Gundry-White joins Birnbeck

We are delighted to announce that Simon Gundry-White has joined Birnbeck. Simon has been working in insurance for over 18 years  and joins us as an insurance consultant.

He brings a wealth of experience in motor, home and travel insurance and will also be assisting clients with landlords insurance.

Simon can be contacted on 01934 522252 or

Cyber Insurance for the Digital World

Ask yourself what part of your business is not reliant on digital systems? If a cyber attack meant that all parts of your business that use digital systems could not function what could you do? Not much will be the answer for most businesses.

Cyber insurance is there to keep businesses trading in a world where digital systems dominate.

What does cyber insurance actually cover?

  • Hackers stealing data or locking your systems and demanding a ransom to release it.
  • It covers against fines and penalties that businesses will incur if they are assessed as non compliant on data protection or privacy.
  • It covers against viruses that paralyse systems and covers loss of income while they are being restored.
  • Cover against the accidental loss of data – followed by legal action by customers.
  • Most importantly it provides an incident support service by cyber experts to identify the extent of the problem and the most effective solution.

Please contact Stuart or Ben to obtain a quote or discuss further on 01934 522252.